NSAD - New Zealand Society on Alcohol and Drug Dependence

New Zealand Society on Alcohol and Drug Dependence

Turning data into stories to further the understanding of addiction and mental health issues in New Zealand.

We are New Zealand’s oldest charitable foundation, formed for the sole purpose of advocating on behalf of those affected by, or at risk of, harms from alcohol and (latterly) other drug use.

A Brief History

The New Zealand Society of Alcohol and Drug Dependence, (formally The National Society on Alcoholism) was founded in 1954. It grew out of the early years of the Alcoholics Anonymous movement in New Zealand, and from the beginning was dedicated to further the understanding and treatment of the disease of alcoholism. 

Since its establishment, NSAD has played a crucial role in the development and delivery of alcohol and drug addiction treatment services in New Zealand. Initially focussed on providing information and promoting research to further the understanding of alcoholism, NSAD established its first treatment services in the 1960s, and has always worked to further develop and improve the level and quality of services available to New Zealanders.


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